This research shall bring together historical and anthropological inquiry onto this interconnected landscape of social relations of labour mediated by the changing dynamics of water, land and crops such as rice production in the delta. Anchored in the interest to study the long term histories of the Kaveri Delta region, this programme could intervene in the scholarship on the political geography of the Delta region, which have studied farming and irrigation as two central aspects for state building and agrarian relations.


On August 18, 2017, Workshop on "Canals and Computations: Understanding Irrigation Engineering and Social Relations in the Kaveri Delta"

The study of changing relationship of labour among coastal communities with expansion of markets in marine fisheries and with the increasing industrialization of the coastal landscape constitutes our second focus area. The effort is to document historical changes in Coramandel Coast and in the process build an archive curated from among the narratives of fishers about the transformation between technology, species, landscape and labour.


FisherCoast Project currently ongoing at the Institute