Sundara Skanda Poorvajan SARVESWARAN

Associate Doctoral Student

Converting manuscript as an e-text in Muktabodha project.
  poorvajan.s AT ifpindia DOT org


Sundara Skanda Poorvaja Sivam - Traditional adisaiva priest and Saivagama scholar from Karaikal, Pondicherry. I completed 6 years of the traditional Agama studies and trained at Srimath Srikanta Sivacharyar Veda Sivagama Vidyapeetam, Karaikal. I have completed my UG degree in Sanskrit at Pondicherry University, Pondicherry and PG degree in Sanskrit at The Madras Sanskrit College, Chennai. Now, currently registered for a Ph.D at Sastra University, Thanjavur to further explore Saivagamas and ancient indic knowledge systems which are the real treasure of the country, while also practising my svadharma.


Associated with the French Institute of Pondicherry since 2022. Attending more than 15 seminars/conferences at national and international levels. Presented a paper on Structures of Surya in Āgama-s in International Conference on "Surya in the Sanskrit Literature" conducted by French Institute of Pondicherry on november 2022. Presented papers on Structure of Nataraja & Structure of Daivika Lingam in Monthly Seminar on Saivagama conducted by Srimath Srikanta Sivacharya Trust. Assisted by Typing, editing and proof-reading in Saiva-Agama related books like Nityapooja Lakshana Sangraham, Sivarchana Chandrika, etc...