Mr. R. Aravindha Sivam

Associate Doctoral Student

  aravindhan.r AT ifpindia DOT org
  +91 9965726655


Aravindha Sivam - Traditional Adisaiva Priest and Saivagamic Scholar from Panruti, Tamilnadu. I completed 7 years of the traditional Agama studies and trained at Veda Agama Samskrutha Maha Patashala, Sri Sri Gurukulam, Bangalore. I also have a Masters degree in Saivagama from the Sri Venkateswara Vedic University, Tirupati. Now, currently registered for a Ph.D to further explore Saivagamas and ancient indic knowledge systems which are the real treasure of the country, while also practising my svadharma.


Associated with Sri Sri Veda Agama Research Institute (Recognized by Karnataka Samskrit University) in typing, proof reading, information collecting, designing and assisted in publishing the books for several years. Attended more than 15 seminars/conferences at national and international levels. Presented a paper on Importance of Taṭāka & Udyāna in Āgama-s (Preservation of the Environment as Detailed in the Saiva Agamas) in Conference on Hinduism and Environmentalism conducted by INDIC Academy on Feb 2022. Presented a paper on Yogam in Practice and Theory with special reference to Saivagamas on Monthly Seminar on Saivagama conducted by Sivacharyar Trust & Sri Sri Gurukulam on August 2019.