Associate Research Assistant

  pradeep.c AT ifpindia DOT org


Mr Pradeep with Masters in Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology and an M.Phil in Botany, his field of interest is the Conservation Aspect of Plants in Bench job to field conservation, he has quite an expertise in Plant Tissue culture and Plant Taxonomy, joined IFP on September 15 2021 as a Technical assistant in the Fantastic Ghats Project, currently working on digitizing the Herbarium records, developing an ecological database for Ecology Department in IFP and disseminating data to Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Under the project supervision of Dr Julien Andrieu.


My field of research is basically in the conservation aspect, I have done regenerating medicinal plants in Plant Tissue culture. Micromorphological studies of Plants in Anatomy and physiology, Plant Taxonomy is field studies during my Master of Philosophy in recording the floral diversity of Kaluveli wetland which happened to be my Thesis work “Angiospermic flora of Kaluveli wetland”. My current project is about Informatics and Ecology combining the ecology data into electronic database.


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