Associate Doctoral Student

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She pursued her Master’s degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from Pondicherry University August 2021. During her post-graduation she has worked predominantly in Tropical Dry Evergreen Forests (TDEF). She has done her MSc. dissertation project on Interspecific and intraspecific variation among prevailing trees in tropical dry evergreen forests on the Coromandel Coast of peninsular India. In August 2021 she joined as a research assistant in the department of Ecology at Institut français de Pondichéry(IFP) on the project “Phytoliths and Pollen studies for the samples from the Agaram a cluster site of Keeladi excavation site”. Her domain skills include identification of Phytolith and Plant functional traits. Software such as PAST, RIOJA r package and TILIA.


My research is on Paleoecological studies which focuses on two major microfossilsphytolith and to an extent pollen grains from sediment samples. I am keen on understanding the interactions between plants, vegetation and climate. The vegetation and climate of the past, using phytolith and pollen as main proxies.