M.Roja Lakshmi

Post Doctoral Researcher

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Dr. Maila. Roja Lakshmi did her MA in Sociology from University of Hyderabad in 2007, M.Phil in Sociology from Pondicherry University in 2009. She did her PG diploma in Human Rights from University of Hyderabad in 2016. She pursued her PhD. in Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, entitled on 'Secondary Education in Andhra Pradesh: A Comparative Study of APRS and Private Residential Schools' from School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad in 2016. Her area of specialization includes sociology of education, tribal studies, women studies, human rights, Social and women entrepreneurship, social exclusion and marginality. She worked as an Assistant Professor for 7 years at Centre for Studies in Social Management, School of Social Sciences, Central University of Gujarat (CUG), Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Her area of interests includes sociology of education, life skills education, marginality and social exclusion, women and tribal studies, Social entrepreneurship, Human Rights, and Social movements. She has published research papers in the reputed journals including Sage, Elsevier and UGC Care list journals, such as Sambodhi and Infokara. Among others included in IIM Indore Management Journal, and in Bloomsbury, New Delhi. She has presented papers in more than 55 conferences including one in Abroad, and in International and National reputed institutions such as IISC, EDI, IITs, IIMs and in Central and State Universities.


Dr.M.Roja Lakshmi joined IFP in January 2023 as a Post-Doctoral fellow under the PATAMIL project. At present, she is research associate in the French Institute of Pondicherry under PATAMIL project working on Women Entrepreneurship on food in Rural and Urban Pondicherry region”.  She is conducting in-depth qualitative interviews with narration and case studies methods to understand the intersectionality, rural-urban impact, push and pull factors which led to women entrepreneurs success. The study also looked in to the critical perspective of failure cases of entrepreneurship from the Pondicherry bio-region.

Field Notes : My research focus is on the women entrepreneurship on food;. I have been visiting and collecting data from the women entrepreneurs who are involved with food business such as running tiffin centers, small hotels and restaurants, women street vendors who sell tiffins (Idly, dosai, Poori, vada and pongal, idiyappam etc.), Raagi kuzhu, keerai, naatu muttai, millets snack items, bajji and other snack items. Both rural and urban women entrepreneurs are having their food related business in Pondicherry town and selling their food items by explaining the nutritious value of it to the consumers. Kasthuri (56) who is running a millets snack shop nearby Rainbow Nagar Park running her business for the last 20 years. Initially, she started this food business with SHGs women later she is owning her business in a successful manner. She is preparing millets based snack items kollekattu (Raagi and Kambu), mashroom soup, pasta, navadahanyam sprouts, boiled ground nut, foxtail millet vada, raagi adai etc. I had visited another women in the beach side snack shop. Sushila (49) migrated from Andhra Pradesh and started one snack shop in the beach along with her husband. she has switched to food business from a tea stall based on the demand and profit of the food business. She told business is really good with diverse tourists population. They made her son engineer by doing this food business. Valarmathi (58) selling keerai to the urban customers by explaining the nutritious value of keerai relating to weather.

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