Balachandran NATESAN

Research Engineer

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Dr N. Balachandran MSc, MPhil, BEd, PhD, working as Botanist at Ecology Department, French Institute of Pondicherry. He has an author of more than 75 articles, 14 abstracts presented in national and international seminars, co-author of a book: keerai (both Tamil and English version), two chapter and 3 booklets. Work experience in more than 20 projects and received 6 research grants. Gathered vast field experience in all bioregions of the country, including Andaman and Nicobar Islands, north eastern part of India and Himalayas


First field experience at Courtallum, Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu with Dr. Parthasarathy N, Professor, Department of Ecology and Environment, Pondicherry University during 1993 to assess the plant diversity of the evergreen forest. This filed observation paved me to study in depth on angiosperm taxonomy. In different projects served in the capacity of Research Assistant, Botanist, Co-coordinator, Consultant, Project Manager, Senior Botanist, and finally Principal Investigator. Last 30 years of experience (since 1993) from 20 different projects he is specialized in the fields of Angiosperm taxonomy, Ethno-botany, Medicinal Plant, Conservation Ecology, Plant-plant interaction, Threat Assessment and Bio-geography


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