In India 18043 Angiosperms species were recorded where as in Tamil Nadu reported 6723 flowering plants. To date, Puducherry state has no such plant diversity record. So, we are attempting to bring out the flora of Puducherry. As a first step we surveyed woody plants of Puducherry. A total of 791 species were recorded from 470 Genera and 84 families, in which 433 native Species and 358 exotic species were identified. All the plants have been photographed. (Habit, leaf, bark, Flower, Fruit). Another ongoing research attempts is to find the carbon accumulation of avenue trees of White town area of Puducherry. In each street we identified the trees with their botanical names and measure their girth and height with inch tape and collected flowers for microscopic study. We dissected and measured the floral parts (calyx, corolla, stamen, stigma, style) and taken photos with the help of a stereo microscope. This is a collaborative work between the Ecology Department, IFP (French institute of Pondicherry) and Department of Botany, KMGIPSR (Kanchi Maamunivar Government Institute for Postgraduate Studies and research, Puducherry.

Team Members,

1. Dr. N. Balachandran, Botanist, IFP, Puducherry.

2. Dr. Kumarasan V, Assistant professor, KMGIPSR, Lawspet, Puducherry.

3. Uma Maheswari P, Research Scholar, IFP & KMGIPSR, Lawspet, Puducherry.

4. Karishma, MSc Botany, KMGIPSR, Lawspet, Puducherry.

5. Illavarasi, MSc Botany, KMGIPSR, Lawspet, Puducherry.

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