Jawaharlal Nehru conference hall,

French Institute of Pondicherry,

11, St Louis street,

Puducherry – 605 001

Date & Time:

On 22nd April 2023, Timing - 10 am to 6 pm.


Artisans' daily work in their workshops is infused with labour, knowledge, and technical skills. However, through its imagined narratives, society as a whole assigns labels of tradition and heritage to their work. Typically, such narratives are based on historical texts and the value of their products.

Do texts define the workshop practice? Is it true that the market shapes everyday labour? What type of record would allow for multiple narratives to emerge, so that work knowledge becomes a source of dignity for artisan?

To gather such information, a series of discussions with various artisans is planned.

The inaugural workshop in the series will bring together practicing sculptors from various parts of south India who have had formal institutional training.

Contact : Ranjithkumar G