Strategic research

IFP is an internationally recognized institution

– For its collections (manuscripts on palm leaves classified by UNESCO, herbarium, photo library…)

– For the quality of its research, in fields as diverse as Sanskrit texts, forest dynamics, or social water management.

The allocations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the CNRS now represent only half of our budget. Would you like to participate in the maintenance of our superb historic building, give research grants? The stakes are enormous for India and the whole planet in terms of climate change, sustainable development, urbanization, food security, natural and cultural heritage, historical and religious identities!


A Foundation for the French Institute

We have created a foundation, the Indo-French Foundation for Research and Heritage (IFFRH), to make it easier to collect private donations or sponsorship, as well as partnership agreements to promote our expertise with companies. This foundation functions as a crowdfunding tool, with the flexibility of acceptance of donations that the existing structure could not provide to IFP.

You are free to target your donations by telling us what you want to use them for. Our Foundation is managed by a committee of 7 people, all researchers who are members of IFP. This committee is the guarantor of a complete management of funds devoted to the financial support of the Institute’s scientific activities, in order to help it play its full role in Franco-Indian cooperation.

Reminder: a doctoral contract in India costs less than €4,000… per year. Giving to the Foundation means ensuring very high productivity in terms of research!

You can support the research by making a donation:

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